Tuesday, March 31 2020
About the content of this site.

The Ares-Portal site does not host nor store any media files, we do not provide any streams or content. All items listed here are freely available from a variety of sites on the Internet. We make no warranties implied or implicit as to the suitability for your device, nor stability or functionality of the any of the items listed here for your chosen media player(s).

We do not alter nor amend any of the material here our only interaction is to collate the publicly available links into a convenient format and provide an installation method.

We have no affiliation to any of the originators of the work listed here and we make no claims to its intellectual property nor its originality. All material remains licensed to the developer(s) from where it originates, as applicable under their release license. This is generally assumed to be under GNU as set out by Kodi themselves.

If you choose to install or otherwise utilise any of the material from this site, you do so explicitly at your own risk and you accept fully, any risks or implications in doing so. You should ensure you are not in breach of any laws in your jurisdiction regarding the material here.

Kodi & SPMC are media players freely available and provided under GNU

Kodi is a registered trademark of the XBMC Foundation. We are not connected to nor in any other way affiliated with Kodi, Team Kodi, or the XBMC Foundation.


SPMC is a fork of Kodi written by Koying


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