Description: This plugin will run at startup each time Kodi/SPMC/FTMC/CEMC etc is run. It calls a special function within Unblockr that will check your current IP address and make sure that Unblockr knows what it is. If you’re on the move, maybe you’re round at a friends house and fancy catching the latest release, use this. At home, forget all about it and let us do the work.


Current subscriptions are £2 -1 month, £10 -6 months or £20 for 12 months – details here

Unblockr is a smart DNS service, that in simple terms unblocks sites that you may find blocked or censored by your ISP. The traditional means of gaining access is to you use a VPN service, however, you will find that even the best of these will throttle your bandwidth somewhat; the advantage of Unblockr smart DNS service is that there is no slowdown, in fact it is likely it will speed up your general web access experience as the service is faster than the service provided by your ISP. A real win-win scenario.

Using a smart DNS service requires you to log the device or router IP address with your account for it to work, which with a Kodi box or firestick (especially) can be a pain. Every time you reboot your router you’ll need to change the IP on your device…until now!

Changelog: (first 400 characters)…
– Fix UK User glitch

– Remove unused image files and 0-2 XML

– significant re-implementation to facilitate use on Kodi v17 (Estuary skin)- The Unblockr Diagnostics screen
should automatically detect between Confluence and Estuary and display accordingly-

– New diagnostics screen- Allows more detailed checking
– Live DNS check- Make sure yoru —[end of snippet]

Unblockr IP Manager is available from the Unblockr Addons repository

Installation Options for Unblockr IP Manager

Unblockr IP Manager can be installed in multiple ways, direct from zip, via the repo zip or via the install url in Kodi file manager.


If you do not install the repo, the addon will not automatically update and will probably stop working at some point in the future. We therefore recommend you install the Unblockr Addons repository to get the updates as the developer releases them.

Unblockr IP Manager Installation Instructions


You can install the repo via Ares Wizard or by using the Kodi portal app. Please remember this is a paid service and you will need to subscribe.

Current subscriptions are £2 -1 month, £10 -6 months or £20 for 12 months – details here


Unblockr IP Manager Install from Zip Files


If you just want the add on zip you can download it here –> Unblockr IP Manager

 To ensure it receives updates in the future, install the repository too. Download that here –> Unblockr Addons

Support For Unblockr IP Manager

If you require support  with this of other Kodi add ons please visit Ares Project Forum

Current version of this addon is 0.3.2 – first detected 2017-09-22 17:00:26

To install Unblockr-IP-Manager on your Kodi device, click Add to My Addons


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