How to Use Ares Kodi portal

There are key areas to the site, which allow you to look for specific add-ons (builds and android apps will come later)

  • Trending – these are whats hot right now!
  • Kodi Add-ons – this is a breakdown of almost every add-on available
  • Builds – this isnt active but will ist all the builds on Ares Wizard with videos etc
  • Android Apps – not active – but we will expand this in the coming weeks

Trending Add-ons

This covers four add-on types. You can “vote” for your favourite addon, by visiting that post.  If you cant see it – search for it using the spyglass – far right. You can only “vote” once per day per post, so don’t try cheating!

Kodi Addons

This is broken down into many more sections for ease of access, these are listed in order of last update. You will have search through these for those gems!

  • Video
  • Program
  • Music
  • Image (Pics)
  • Repositories
  • Screensavers
  • Kodi Skins

Using The Portal

This is the easiest install for Kodi add-ons ever created. Once you have installed the Ares Portal add-on, you can visit this site, add all the various add-ons to your “basket” then get an install code. This is your unique 6 digit install code – go back to your device, key the code into Ares Portal – all your chosen add-ons will install from all the official repos! How easy is that?

Full Detailed Explanation here;

Ares Project Blog | Ares Portal Guide



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