Description: Use this addon to play F4m v1 and v2 streams

F4mProxy is available from the Cyphers locker repository

Changelog: (first 400 characters)…
Version 2-6-8
bug fix
Version 2-6-7
proxy and user agent
Version 2-6-6
not so strick check for TS, little more
Version 2-6-5
not so strick check for TS
Version 2-6-4
redirector support
Version 2-6-3
hlsretry little time change
Version 2-6-2
iconImage support
Version 2-6-1
callback in HLSRETRY
Version 2-6-0
HLSRETRY in f4mproxy improvements

Version 2-5-8
TSDownloader second impr—[end of snippet]

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