Description: This Guide only provides a selection of Freeview Channels which are only available with the Correct Licences. On activating these streams you have agreed to having the Correct TV Licence for the Content you are viewing. Adding ANY other content is done so at your own discretion

Echo TV Guide is available from the Echo Coder repository

For support, visit Ares Project Forum

Changelog: (first 400 characters)…
version 0-0-5
– Improved Setting Arangements
– Added ini recreate (refresh)
– Added Live Scores Option
– Further Bug Fixes

version 0-0-4
– Major Bug Fix
– Minor changes to Skin
– Improved Built in m3u support

version 0-0-3
– Improved Master Reset
– Changed Default Skin
– Added Built in m3u support
– Upgraded base to 0-0-337 of TV Guide Fullscreen by Primaeval
– Further Bug Fix—[end of snippet]

Current version of this addon is 0.0.5 – first detected 2017-05-18 00:26:34

To install Echo TV Guide on your Kodi device, click Add to My Addons

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