Description: Watch Sports and Desi contents on your XBMC. This plugin fetches the video sources from various platforms and locations

Zem is available from the Shanis Addon repository

Changelog: (first 400 characters)…
Version 6-0-6
fast urls
Version 6-0-5
pv2 ua
Version 6-0-4
fastv ua
Version 6-0-3
fastv ua
Version 6-0-2
removed extension
Version 6-0-1
fasttv updated
Version 6-0-0
my sports updated
Version 5-9-8
fixed pv2 and fast etc
Version 5-9-7
notification is silent and pv2 retry is fixed
Version 5-9-6
default icons
Version 5-9-5
tune-pk url issues
Version 5-9-4
ic—[end of snippet]

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