Thursday, September 21 2017

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Description: Play videos of different ad-financed sports streaming sites. SportsDevil does not provide any streams of its own; stream quality, content and copyright are responsibility of the ad-financed source web site. For updates check the readme. Changelog: (first 400 characters)... v 1-8-8-0 (17-Oct-14) ------------------------------ - Fix: iLive (thanks to L2501) - New: StreamHD in Sports TV - New: HitSports in Spo ...
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Changelog: (first 400 characters)... Version 1-0 - First version 1 Version 1-0-3 - bbc link for outsiders Version 1-0-3 - external call support Version 1-0-5 - added j0anita's link Version 1-0-10 - new links Version 1-0-11 - more links and some images Version 1-0-12 - added recorded streams Version 1-0-13 - couple of links fixed Version 1-0-14 - couple of links fixed Version 1-0-15 - making easie--- f4mTester is ava ...
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