Description: Hunt Channel’s Mission is to provide Quality Outdoor Programming during PrimeTime. Watch Live or On Demand video.

Hunt Channel is available from the MetalChriss repository

Changelog: (first 400 characters)…
Version 0-0-8
– Fix to get all shows listed

Version 0-0-7
– Fix live stream
– Fixes for VOD

Version 0-0-6
– Fix for ‘zero hour’ failure

Version 0-0-5
– Fix live stream
– Fix for website changes to show/episode listings – I hate vimeo!
– Updated schedule

Version 0-0-4
– Code cleanup

Version 0-0-3
– Fix addon-xml

Version 0-0-2
– Added program info for live stream

Version 0—-[end of snippet]

Current version of this addon is 0.0.8 – first detected 2017-02-19 00:15:49

To install Hunt Channel on your Kodi device, click Add to My Addons

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