Description: App Starter a must have app for AFTV users, once launched you will see all your installed apps. Can arrange apps, also best feature is highlight an app then press the button with 3 lines. Press right on control now you can easily force close that app or delete cache or data.

Install Kodi From Scratch to Fire TV

Once registered, goto your app store on your Fire TV device, look for the “Downloader App” – install this. Its free and takes a few seconds. Open the app and key in 

This will install the very useful AppStarter utility that will install Kodi & SPMC for you (and keep it updated!).

Need more detailed info? Find a full step by step guide on our sister blog – Install Kodi to FireTV device

Version: 4.0.0

Size: 1.3 MB

Control Types: remote, mouse

Ares Portal APK Installation System

In order to make installing these APKs much easier, we created the Ares Portal kodi add-on. Shop for APKs on this site, generate your “install code” – key that 6 digit code into Ares Portal on your android device

Installation instruction for Ares Portal. Click here

Current version of this app is 4.0.0 added 2017-07-08 23:49:13

To install AppStarter on your Android device, click Add to My Addons

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